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Where necessary, fire safety signs must be used to clearly indicate escape routes, fire fighting equipment and emergency fire telephones. These are required under the Health and Safety Regulations 1996 Act. We supply all types and sizes of fire safety signs; from illuminate signs to photo-luminescent signs.

Health and safety is an issue that should never be ignored and, while it may seem that you can hardly go anywhere without seeing a sign, they do play a vital role in communicating safety information. They can minimise the risk of an accident occurring in your workplace and are an easy and universally understood way to get your message across.

To ensure safe and efficient evacuation from your premises, it is vital that fire safety signs are correctly installed to provide clear and concise direction to a place of safety. A legal requirement under current fire safety legislation, effective signing systems play an important role in identifying escape routes, fire fighting equipment and hazard warning, amongst others.

At Surefire UK Ltd Manchester we offer a free sign survey and free installation service all signage fitted conforms to B.S5499 comply with BS 5499-2:1986 Fire safety signs

Colour Meaning or purpose Instructions and information

Prohibition sign
Danger alarm
Fire-fighting equipment

Dangerous behaviour
Stop, shutdown, emergency cut out devices, Evacuate
Identification and location

YELLOW or AMBER Warning sign

Be careful, take precautions

BLUE Mandatory sign

Specific behaviour or action
Wear personal protective equipment


Emergency escape, first aid sign
No danger

Doors, exits, routes, equipment, facilities
Return to normal

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